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   This Sandhill Crane couple has lived around my workplace for the past couple of years.  Most of the cranes I've encountered are very skittish and take flight quickly if they see people.  This couple is fairly used to people and don't seem to mind us being within 30 feet of them.  When I left work this evening I saw the couple foraging on the lawn in front of our building and I stopped for a couple of pictures.
   Military Ridge State Trail.  I rode much of this trail on my trek out to Governor Dodge State Park.  Much of it is the old Chicago and North Western Railroad path.  It is very flat and often shaded by trees.  Makes for a very pleasant ride.

On occasion I look to see what links to my website exist. I found this PDF paper on the Estimating Peak flows for Ungaged Streams Using Trail Camera Images. In the paper the author uses my online polynomial regression calculator and includes screen shots of the curve fits. Turns out a 7th order polynomial creates an excellent fit for the application. Make me happy to see something I created being useful.

Another citation I am proud of is in a paper titled “A comparative study of similarity evaluation methods among trajectories of moving objects.” In a section on polynomial regression my write up on the mathematics of polynomial regression is cited for the generalized equation.

   The ride to/from Governor Dodge State Park is really pretty.  Although my body was a bit tired from 43 miles the previous day, and the usual week's riding I had a good tailwind.  The return trip only required 2,300 Calories.  This time there were a lot of stops for pictures.  I had the day off and I was going to enjoy it.
   Bike fully loaded and ready to go.  The destination is Governor Dodge State Park.  My trip is 43 miles into a 15-20 MPH (24-32 km/h) headwind.  Lucky for me most of the trip is on the Military Ridge trail which has good tree cover.  Nonetheless the trip took over 3 and a half hours with some scheduled stops for snacks.  I burned 2,750 Calories on a single ride.  My old friends Pluvius and Steve met me at the camp site, and after setting up my tent and changing into dry clothing we went into town for some barbecue ribs.  Eating after this much riding everything tastes amazing.  We then spent the evening in front of the fire talking of old times and times to come. 

May 31, 2018

611 miles for May

   My ride today completes mile number 611.1 for the month of May.  That is a new personal record, beating my previous best of 605.3 set in October last year.  Much like in October, I hadn't set out to break any records.  In fact, all but a few rides were just to and form work and the other rides were short.
   There are two reasons for my recording breaking miles for the month.  With the warmer temperatures I've been able to ride the north side of the lakes on my ride home.  This adds an additional 6 to 12 miles (depending on the route).  In addition I rode 18 of the 23 weekday in the month, meaning I was just shy of riding to/from work 4 days/week.  I try and drive once a week so I can pick up groceries on the way home.  In total I rode 21 of the 31 days in May. 
   I was a little disheartened by how fatigued my body has been from riding lately.  However, setting new personal records put that into context.  Knowing that I am improving I don't feel so bad about my limited push.
   Pictured is mile number 20 on my Work-Waunakee-Home route.  This is at the intersection of Kingsley Road and Woodland Drive about one mile west of Waunakee.  There are another 6.6 miles before I reach home.