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   The weather has been cold lately.  Tonight I expected (and received) a strong headwind on my ride home.  This is my new face mask.  It has a flexible rubber spacer around the mouth that acts as a wind break.  I'm not sure if I like it yet or not.  While it does pretty good at not restricting breathing I haven't figured out how to make it comfortable.  It sits strange on the face and pinches my nose.  More tests need to be conducted.
   The repairs on the outside of the house finished up in October, but laziness suspended putting paint on the new patio door until now.  This weekend I cleared out the corner and tapped for the first round of painting.  The previous owners of the house kept all the paint in the basement labeled, and I should have plenty for this job.
   Pictured is around 2 tons of silver maple.  This week we finally got the giant log in our front yard turned into planks.  The slabs range between 12/4 and 16/4 (3-4" or 7-10 cm).  There are two lengths, 12 foot (3.6m) and 6 foot (1.8m).  After picking up some concrete blocks and some lath spacers I got the Elmwood Park crew together to move the slabs from the front yard to the garage.  They will not stay in the garage, but I don't have a good spot in the yard ready and I need them out of the front yard.  The large slabs weight several hundred pounds and even with four nerdy guy we couldn't lift them.  Lucky, the four nerdy guys know physics.  We employed a couple pipes to help roll the slabs off the stack and onto our wagon.  Levers, rollers, a little brute force and four hours and the stack was in the garage. 
   The wood is impressive.  I wasn't sure how much would be good, but a there isn't too much rot.  The ends will need to be treated and the stack has to sit for a couple years to dry.  But I think we will have some usable wood when it is done drying.
   First ride in almost a week.  The temperatures have been quite chilly lately and unlike last year I have decided to keep cycling enjoyable by not biking when it is too cold.  I have my miles for the year, and plenty of other projects that need attention.  The morning's ride was lovely with light snow and a tailwind.