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February 09, 2020

Happy 110th Birthday Elmwood Park

   We don't actually know when exactly Elmwood Park was built.  Most everyone thinks it was 1910 or before.  So we've decided the date is February 9, 1910. February 9, 2018 was the closing date when Elmwood Park became ours and that seemed like a good date for a birthday.  So happy birthday Elmwood Park.  You're looking good for 110!
   With all the grinding finished my stained glass project more or less fits together.  It is very sloppy and I have a lot of skills to improve before I'm any good at this.  But everyone must start somewhere.  I got about half the foil on the edges this evening and will be taking the project home to finish that up.  Next week is our last class where I will solder the glass together.
   Mira and Pokie today at the water park with Noah, Mary, Maya, Steve and Lydia.  We had been planning this trip for more than 2 months, but it kept getting delayed.  Kids kept getting sick, work called people out of town, etc., etc.  Today, however, it finally happened.  Mira was a bit too young to understand where exactly we were going, but Maya was bouncing up and down most of the drive, very excited.  The day was a success and I'm sure all the kids slept well that night.