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   Fence repairs today.  This section of the fence blew down back in November.  The posts is completely rotten and doesn't connect to the ground.  The beams are also rotten.  So I removed all the pickets for 3 sections to straighten out the fence.  Initially I wanted to secure the rotten post using some metal fence posts on either side.  However, the tree next to the post has too many roots in the way to make this possible.  So we used the tree and some of the old fence as a support instead.  Worked out pretty well.
   Replaced the battery in my UPS.  The old one was bulging and cracked.  I didn't have my computer connected to the status port so I didn't get a notification that battery was at the end-of-life.  I found out from a power glitch.  The UPS would normally keep the computer running, but since the battery was dead everything shutdown.  When I ordered a replacement battery I also picked up at second UPS for the Data-Dragon.

May 03, 2020

Happy Birthday Tara

   The reason I discovered my problems with ECC memory is because the Data-Dragon has been running very unstable.  It crashes after a few hours, sometimes resetting, sometimes just locking up.  There are no messages in the kernel log.  However, I sometimes got some message on screen before the lockup.  At first I looked at the power supply.  I am running 14 hard drives after all.  But even if all my drives were using 1.5 amps (which seems to be what the SATA spec allows for a drive) that only comes to 21 amps and my power supply has 35 amps of 12 VDC.
   I had just installed a second 16 GB stick of RAM bringing the total to 40 GB.  A quick memory test didn't show any problems with the RAM.  Nonetheless I removed the 8 GB stick just to see what happened.  So far the system hasn't had any problems.  We'll see if that holds.
   Temperatures were around 75°F/24°C when I set out on my ride this morning.  My goal was 30 miles and I started by cycling out to Indian Lake County Park.  Not sure if it reopened, or if it was never closed but there were a lot of people at the park as I cycled by.  When I arrived I noticed my GPS tracking software wasn't actually working.  I could calculate the number of miles I biked, but I'm pretty sure it was around 30 miles.  After Indian Lake, I headed west to Waunakee.  There was a good 10-15 MPH tailwind to push me along and this portion of the ride went quickly.  The last leg of the ride along county Q had a bit of a side wind, but I held about 15 MPH most of the way.
   The other day while doing a loop through Martinsville I stopped at this church.  There is a road that leads behind the church to a cemetery and where I was hoping I would get a view of the countryside.  Sadly there isn't much a view, but it was something new to explore.  Shortly after taking this picture it began to sprinkle.  The rain forecast for latter in the day had again arrived early.  My ride would be cut short for a second time.  Luckily, I had a fairly strong wind from the north west that made quick work for the trek back home.