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   The Data-Dragon has been locking up more frequently. Interesting because the weather has been cooler. So I am trying an experiment. The case fans of the Data-Dragon are PWM controlled. I change BIOS settings to that these fans run 100% duty cycle (i.e. always full on) rather than allowing the speed to be dictated by CPU temperature. My thoughts are that there is no feedback about the hard drives being used to control fan speed as it is all based on CPU and motherboard temperature. By leaving the fans on full speed the hard drives will receive maximum cooling. We’ll see if that makes any difference.
   We have been doing Social Distancing Fires on the weekends with a small group of people.  Tonight we tried something new: project a movie onto a screen on the side of the garage.  We were concerned our projector wouldn't be bright enough, but it does a fine job and we enjoyed a few movies.