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Linseed Oil Finish

Linseed Oil Finish

   With the walls finished it is time to reinstall benches.  However, the wood for the west wall bench was never very good and I want better.  So I picked up some fine ACX plywood and today gave it a linseed oil finish.  When it dries, I can cover it in a lacquer for a hard protective finish.
   Ran two feeds of wire this evening.  One is to power the lighting and maintenance cleaning outlets.  I ran the feed behind the wall before hanging drywall but left un-stripped wires in the box.  I also ran a feed for my computers.  They get their own breaker so that if I accidentally trip any of the other breakers my computers won't lose power.  There are two more circuits that will be added.  Those will feed my workbench.  My initial setup has quad boxes that provide my work benches with power.  The two outlets in each box are on separate circuits.  My plan is to get ground-fault circuit interrupter breakers for these.  The reason being is if I have an experiment that goes wrong I'd like to have the breaker trip and shut it down immediately.  Those breakers have not yet been installed.
   I didn't do a full third coat, opting to touch up areas that needed it.  This was mainly the corners and edges.  I'm quite happy with how the finished paint job looks.  Despite my less than perfect drywall job the painted walls look really nice.  Imperfections are visible in full light when looking closely but are not that bad.  So I decided to put the outlet covers on and hang the heater.  The south, and west walls were completely finished along with four feet of the north wall.
   With this much complete, I can start to reinstall my work benches and shelves.  That will allow me to move the items in storage locations to the newly installed space, which will allow me to move my remaining setup out of the way of the west wall so it can be insulated, drywall hung, and painted.
   I completed mudding this weekend.  It isn't very good, but I have to move on and good enough will have to suffice.  I put the first coat of primer on today, and the wall looks better than I had expected.  Up close my mistakes are not too hard to see, but from a distance it looks decent.  I also tested the base paint colour I plan on using on a piece of scrap drywall.  I am satisfied with the results.  It looks good next to oiled black walnut and so tomorrow it is time for paint.
   There has been a request for another social distancing fire this weekend.  Last weekend we had one, but the wood was too damp to get a good fire going.  It just wanted to smoke and smoulder.  So I bought a batch of wood in from outside and turned the oven into a kiln.  A couple hours at 350°F had the wood nice and dry.  Wood starts to burn around 500°F so I wanted to stay below that.  Despite this I had one log start to smoulder.  It was sitting close to the edge where there must have been a hot spot.  After that I didn't have any more trouble.
   Drying the wood makes the house smell great.  Can't exactly place the smell but it has a strong hint of vanilla.
   This is a closeup of the gas connection.  The plastic housing for the connection isn't very ridged, so I used a couple lengths of 2x4 to make something I could secure the gas line to.  I don't want it able to flex while I put on and remove the gas line.  This setup did the trick and nothing moves now.