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   Trim glue-up from the other day.  I used my frame clamp, but as is often the case it wasn't large enough to clamp the entire window frame.  So I removed the center bolt and used a large clamp instead, and that worked just fine.  I didn't spent as much time with this setup as I do with frames trying to make it perfect.  Pine is soft so I knew I could just sand out any misalignment.  Nonetheless the frame lined up pretty well and I ended up just having to remove the glue that squeezed out.
   Trim work today.  The temperatures have plummeted and are in the single digits today.  It was so cold the blade on my table saw started spinning independent of the motor as the screw that holed it down let lose.  I've never changed or tightened the blade before so I had to look up the procedure.  Turns out the tools for the job are fixed to the side of the table saw and it was a very easy operation.  Nonetheless I brought the table saw inside as it just wasn't the kind of operation I wanted to do outside at these temperatures.  Afterward the saw worked perfectly.  I sawed up all the pieces I need to trim my window.  Installing this trim is the next step because I need it to be in place before I install the second shelve on the north wall.  So today was cutting, sanding, gluing and painting with a lot of waiting in between operations.
   This is a temperature switch I've wired up to the fans that circulate the warm air from the heater.  I picked this up last year but didn't get around to writing up until November.  It originally was attached to the magnetic metal base which had so much thermal mass that the sensor didn't turn on until the heater was pretty much done with it's cycle and didn't turn off for another 5 minutes.  Not very useful.  So I tried the setup again, this time removing the sensor from the metal base.  It turns on fairly quick now but runs long after the heater has shut off.  I'd like a better setup but this will work for now.
   Now much other work was done on the setup.  I worked late but I did manage to get a hardware store run in and picked up some wood for trim.  I want to sand it and give it a base coat of paint before I start to slice it up for trim.  Hope to get started on that tomorrow.
Lite Bench

Lite Bench

   A lot of work finished up today.  The trim on the main shelve is mostly installed.  I have a small section to add on the north wall.  The sub-shelve for my lab electronics was finished and is now mounted.  So far I'm pleased with how it all comes together.  Still plenty of work to do, but at least my work setup can stay put.
   The day was getting pretty late before I got the last of my work done.  Actually surprised I managed to get it all accomplished.  We had at least 6 inches of snow last night and I had to blow off the walks and dig out the end of our plowed in driveway.  I also had to restock on groceries which required digging out my car.  I don't mind—I like snow—but it was time I couldn't use for project work.  The weekends are when I got the most time to do such work and tomorrow it is back to the day job. 
   The next week I might work on trim.  I need to complete this before the second shelve on the north wall can be completed because it will have to work around the trim.  So it makes sense that this be the next step.