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   I have been on a diet since the January 1st.  I haven't had a significant bike ride since September 27th, and even then I haven't been putting on the miles I have in years past.  However, my appetite hasn't changed and that lead to putting on over 15 lbs of weight in 2020.  With the winter, no cycling to work, and the basement full of my stuff from the room remodel I haven't been able to do any exercise.  I have been trying to clear out the bedroom so I could setup my practice stand for my bike, and yesterday I did it.  A few episodes of Star Trek at 1.5x speed and pushing the peddles I was able to burn 1,500 Calories.  This is a magic number for me.  If I get it, I can eat whatever I feel like.  Having waited so long to cycle it took a lot of effort.  The first hour was fine, but the last 30 minutes and especially the last 15 were grueling.  Still, I accomplished my goal and I was able to do something I haven't done all year: order Indian food.  It was amazing.  I ate until I couldn't eat anymore.
   I had another reason for cycling for food.  Today was the first weekend in months were it was warm enough for a fire in the back yard.  And Kim was going to bring mint brownies.  My legs were rather shaky but the brownies were totally worth the effort. 
   I didn't feel much leg pain today.  Mostly neck and back which is typical of long bike rides.  Tomorrow will be the real test.  I'm hoping for a fast recovery so I can beat myself up again and pig out with impunity.  More surprising was my weight this morning.  Yesterday morning I weighted in at 145.8 lbs, and despite my feast, I weighted in today at 146.0 lbs.  I can live with that.
   Pictured is the west wall with a lot of items having returned.  It is a slow process but it is proceeding.  I put in a small sub-shelve and I'll see how I like that as the move in continues.
CD nook

CD nook

   I have been moving items back onto the new shelves.  Today I installed the new upper shelve on the west wall, replacing the old shelve that was weakly constructed.  The new shelve is 2"x12"x8' and should be plenty solid for the books that will sit on it.  Sadly, the 2x12 was slightly twisted.  However, some screws on the shelving brackets have convinced the board to straighten out.
   One item I had in my collection are a set of CDs.  Some are audio, some software, and others are books.  I have digital copies of all of them but can't bring myself to throw them out.  I wanted an out-of-the-way area to put them when I found this little nook in the ceiling joists between some cold-air-return duct work and the track lighting.  Some scrap 1/4" wood and this turned out to be the perfect location to put these.  They are not in the way, and their new location makes use of an otherwise unneeded location.
   Worked on moving items onto the new shelves so I can free up the top shelve on the west wall. 
   Pictured is the drive to work a year ago today.  There is now twilight at 6:00 am and the days not only continue to increase in length, but accelerate in their increase.  The end of February marks the end of the darkness when riding to/from work.  While daylight savings messes things up, March marks when I get light on both the ride to and from work, something I would not have had since November.
   I finished painting the wood for this shelve yesterday, and today I put the shelve into place.  The hanging shelve is 8' long so I figured it wouldn't be a problem to add an 8' shelve in the middle.  However, I found the heating ducts on the south side prevented this.  I had to remove 3 inches from the shelve to get it to fit but that should be no great loss.  With the shelve in place I can continue to move items. 
   It took a lot longer to get everything installed but the display shelve on the west wall is complete and now populated.  I started moving items onto the new shelves but I want to get one more shelve installed above the main work bench before moving everything. 
   A lot of work over the past few days getting my display shelve painted and ready to install.  The brackets I ordered are smaller than I was hoping for, but I found some better brackets at the hardware store.  I got the shelve up, but need to finish a step I plan to add to that shelve.  I have also been finishing a replacement shelve for the upper west wall as I don't like the shelve that is current there.