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Mira Flies a Kite

Mira Flies a Kite

   One of the first bike rides I've done outdoors since September, although I didn't go far.  Met up with Pokie, Mary, Noah, Maira and Maya for a morning of flying kites and playground.  I picked up a simple dragon kite and was surprised at how much the kids enjoyed flying it.  Even in an age of technology and ever shorter attention spans there is something unique about flying devices.
   Pictured is Mira and far above her the kite she is flying.  The string is around 500 feet long and mostly let out. 
   This is a hefty screw I installed as a location to hang my coat.  I had a 4" drywall screw but it was bending too much under the weight.  This screw is much thicker and should fair better.  The threads have been covered with a bit of plastic tubing to keep it from snagging.

March 14, 2021

Happy Pi Day!

   The Data Dragon has been running for 19 days without issue.  That's probably a record for it, and I believe having a CPU load is what is allowing it to run without crashing.  I'm not sure why, but both my AMD Ryzen computers must have a constant CPU load in order to run without randomly locking up.  In the case of the Snow Dragon (running 35 days since I last had to shut it down to move it) I have a virtual machine that produces this CPU load.  For the Data Dragon I've started running Folding@home.  If I need a CPU load, I may as well be doing something with those compute cycles. 
   With the system running more stable I've ordered some more RAM.  The system currently has 8 GiB of ECC RAM.  With all the stability issues and the RAM I picked up this time last year failing RAM tests, I gave up on trying to upgrade.  The new RAM will need to pass is ridged set of tests before I install it, but I'm hoping this will improve the performance of the system.  Currently the Data Dragon runs 3 VM and hosts a 38 TB ZFS system made of 13 drives.  With the system now being stable my only complaint is that streaming from the server occasionally stalls and that might be due to not having enough RAM for buffering.