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   Fridays are supposed to be my half days at work, but the project I'm working on had everything go wrong all at once.  I ended up staying until 6:00 pm before we decided that there was no way we could get a conclusion to anything before Monday.  For a third day in a row I decided I wanted a big dinner and biked the long way home.  Oddly I had more push than the two previous day and was able to burn my 1500 Calories requirement without taking on extra miles.  It was humid and windy today and I'll probably be feeling the ride tomorrow, but the Indian food was worth it.
   On my ride home from work today I saw (what I believe to be) a Red-Tailed Hawk sitting in the field across the street from my building.  The hawk didn't fly away as I was getting closer so I thought maybe it had a catch it was guarding.  Figured I could might be able to get a couple of good shots.  As I was snapping pictures, a second hawk swooped in.  Not sure if this was a territorial fight or what, but I captured a decent frame from the encounter.
   Took the long way home a second day in a row as I felt like eating a big meal for dinner.  To my surprise, I wasn't exhausted at the end even with the higher temperatures.
   Garage before and after.  With the temperatures in the human survivable region I went about doing work I had planned to do last weekend but abandon due to heat.  I got half of the garage cleaned.  For the other half I'll need input from Xiphos has he has a lot of his lighting equipment on the other side of the garage.  Good progress though.