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   It has been two weeks since I scrapped up my ankle on my bike camping trip.  I did a search for how to deal with road rash, and almost all the posts I found were made by fellow cyclists.  They all recommended keeping the wound moist and not letting it dry out.  Since I started with a dry wound, I had to transition it back to being moist.  I washed it a couple times a day, used either rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to clean it, and then covered the area in petroleum jelly.  I found I couldn't wear pants, and I never wear shorts unless I'm biking or skating.  My bike shorts are padded and are not good for much other than riding a bike.  My skating shorts, however, do function as proper shots.  At night I found covering the area with plastic wrap worked well from keeping my wound from gluing itself to the bedding.  When I had to go somewhere I could also use plastic wrap.  I found I could use a small piece just over the wound if I covered it with a cut up sock to hold it in place.
   Now two weeks latter the wound is in good shape.  It is a bit tender but no longer leaks fluid and I can wear pants again.  The wound wasn't too bad.  I dumped the bike at a fairly low speed and it was just the weight of the bike that was a problem.  Had I been able to clean and cover the wound before continuing the ride I suspect I would have healed faster.
   Happy October!  Tyson's son Garrett is enjoying throwing leaves in the air.  Went to visit them as they were getting a special visitor: the ice cream truck.  I think half the neighborhood showed up when they found out the truck was coming to visit Garrett.