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DrQue.Net is operated and maintained by Andrew Que. I am interested in hearing what you have to say about this site, concerns you may have, suggestions or questions. Please submit question, comments or any other business to the address below. You're e-mail address will never be added to a mailing list or given away/sold—we will respect your privacy.

Only e-mail portioning to this site will be read. We have absolutely no interest in advertisements, promotions or services offered by any person or company so don't even bother sending them.

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If you wish your message to be private, encrypt and message to Andrew Que's PGP public key. If your public key or ID is included, you will receive an encrypted response.

Message will be sent encrypted using openPGP.js. The message will be encrypted to "".

OpenPGP.js allows PGP encryption to be preformed by the web browser. PGP uses asymmetric cryptography. That is, the message is encrypted to a public key and only the holder of the private key can decrypt the message—including the person who encrypted the message. By doing this in the web browser the plain text of the message is never transmitted, allowing an encrypted message to be sent even if a secure connection to the server isn't available.

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