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Polynomial regression PHP object-oriented polynomial least-square regression class.
AQ CRC Generates C code calculating CRCs.
FFT for LibreOffice Calc Fast Fourier Transform for LibreOffice Calc.
AQ Graph Simple and fast Javascript graphing library.
BC Extra PHP Arbitrary precision BC math functions class.
X/Y Plot PHP object-oriented X/Y graphing class.
Gauss-Newton curve fitting PHP object-oriented Gauss-Newton curve fitting class.
Matrix.h C++ template classes for matrix math.
Tableize jQuery plug-in jQuery plug-in for a table-like format.


King's Quest Walkthrough A graphical walk-through to the King's Quest 1 remake.
Gemfire Guide Detailed information about the Koei game Gemfire.
Battlantis Guide Information about the Konami game Battlantis.
Squares Javascript game similar to Ataxx and Reversi.
TetraVex Javascript TetraVex, number puzzle game.
Columns Javascript Columns, similar Tetris, but with colors.
Minesweeper Javascript Minesweeper.
Snake Javascript Snake.
Mortal ASC Tribute to an early programing attempt of mine.


Planetary Wallpaper Page A collection of space and fantasy wall paper.
The oldest site on
Fractals A collection of fractal art, videos and software.
The second oldest site on


Que's Resort BBS Tribute to my old BBS—the precursor to
Hard Drive Prices Tracking the of average hard drives prices.

These pages have been created by their respective designers

Amadameus Davisson family website.
Punkroy's Site Encryption techniques with source code by a hard-core cypherpunk.
The Garage A ghetto little place known only as The Garage.
Fireballs How to breath fire.
Jerry Shea A memorial to our friend, Jerry Shea

Wedding photo sites

Beck Wedding May 24, 2003

Domains hosted by Andrew Que's home page The domain

Miscellaneous Pages

Other random pages created by Andrew Que

Flags The US flag in several sizes for use on web pages
Banners Images for linking
The Dragon's Lair The location in Kansas City we use to be run

Dead sites

Sites no longer updated, but here for historical reasons.

Personal Pages

Drink'n Drano Home of Crystal.
Chris Dencker Music of Chris Dencker.
Pyroskankic Artist and web designer Matt Rosse.
Amanda Home of Amanda.


SleepWalker Home of the former band "SleepWalker".
3rd Nipple Project (3NP) Home of the band "3rd Nipple Project".
CheapAss productions Had been putting on shows in the local area.
Malicious Mischief The former band Malicious Mischief.
AfterThought Home of the band "AfterThought".
The Garage Studio Recording for small/first time recording projects.


Altered Reality Home of the U-Rock Altered Reality Club.
DSP page Notes from working with the TI 'C2407 digital signal processor.
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