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    My roommate went and got my system infected with spyware.  It was a Firefox plugin labeled "hpff 4.0".  I can't seem to find much out about it on the net, but it's clearly malware.  The plugin feeds you're browser habits back to the IP address, which is registered to a group in Kiev, Ukraine.  It also added pornographic ads to the bottom of webpages.  From time to time, the script would access the IP address in the in the Netherlands.  The script only worked when Javascript was enabled on the webpage being viewed-- which by default is blocked on my setup. 
    Removal took a bit to find.  There was no ability to uninstall the plugin from the add-ons in Firefox, which I'm sure they did on purpose.  The plugin put itself in the system32 directory in a sub-directory called hpff4.  Once that directory was removed, the plugin ceased to function.
    Spybot did not catch this program.  I've been keeping on eye on the system with AVG Anti-virus to be sure there isn't anything else that got in.  So far, so good.  Never in my 16 years of computer usage have I ever had a virus and I've never had malware until this event. 
    Pictured is Britney and Harley

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From Xsen

United Kingdom

July 13, 2007 at 7:04 PM

I had the same problem ... thanks for help Xsen

From Ricky (

Broughton, England

August 16, 2007 at 4:25 PM

Brilliant, thanks for the help.
    Now back home, it's on to the items I left with.  The big question is, how is our internet connection doing?  Well, so far everything seems stable.  Perhaps the new modem fixed everything.  Really, it's one of those issues where I won't know if it's fixed, but I will know if it's still broken.  So, give it time.
    Went to the theater today to begin work on the set.  Took some measurements and worked out a plan for how things are to be assembled.  Should be fun :)

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From Ashi

Wisconsin, USA

June 28, 2007 at 2:20 AM

That's a very pretty picture! ..I can empathize with the bad internet connection problem... Hopefully it's been resolved today, so far so good. LATER! ~Ashi
    Congratulations Nathan and Luci.  Unfortunately I had lent my camera to Tazz last weekend and forgot to put the battery on the charger.  Thus, no photos.  Pictured is Nathan the evening before.
    After the wedding and reception, we helped transport items back to Nathan's house.  There, Luci's father made us one of the best cups of tea I've ever had.  Luci warned me that her father made very strong tea, but I wanted to sample it anyway.  I must have had 5 cups-- too good.
Jigme and Tyson

Jigme and Tyson

    Not much required of us on Friday, so we spent the day tooling around KC.  Tyson and I went to Genghis Khan, a great Mongolian restaurant on the Kansas side of KC.  That evening, we took Nathan out for a light bachelor party.  Pictured is Jigme and Tyson.
    Arrived in Kansas City this evening with Tyson to attend the wedding of our friend Nathan.  Much of the day was spent driving and writing an other paper.  Unfortunately, Tyson's car didn't have 12 VDC power available because of an unknown wiring problem.  That meant we didn't have inverter power and thus no ability to keep laptops charged while driving.  However, Tyson's laptop runs for about 6 hours with the battery he has, which was most of the trip.  Worked out pretty well.
    On arrival to KC everyone met for dinner.  Afterwards, several of us went out to a coffee shop.  Pictured is downtown Kansas City, Missouri.
    Busy day with finishing a paper for class, attending an other class, packing for our trip to Kansas City and heading out.
    Pictured is a little macro photography of a wasp on a leaf.